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We cannot and would not put the Castlemaine Fringe Festival on without the incredible support from you, our amazing community of artists, performers, venues and lovers of all things Fringe. Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts to make this festival possible. 

2022 art Auction

A very special thanks to all the artists and businesses listed below for contributing artwork and silent auction items to the 2022 Castlemaine Fringe Art Auction. Also thanks to auctioneer extraordinaire Jason Mills, our hostesses with the mostest Girls on Air, the crew at the Taproom and all our dedicated volunteers.


2022 Art Auction Artists

Silent Auction Donations

Abbie Heathcote

Aleisha Ng

Ben Laycock

Beverley Downie

Bridget Farmer

Calan Stanley

Cal Skinim

Cam Robbins

Catherine Pilgrim

Chris Hosking

Christine McCue

Clayton Tremlett

Dale Cox

Damian Callanan

David Fraser

David Moore

Denise Martin

Diane Thompson

Eliza Tree

Fiona Orr

Greg Wood

Harry Zable

Heidi Barrett

Helen Kelly

Jan Palethorpe

Janet Neilson

Jean Doucet

Jennifer Barnett

Jeremy Forbes

John Cosgriff (Djinn)

Judy Holding

Katherine Seppings

Keith Wiltshire

Kir Larwill

Kristina Browning

Lauren Starr

Leonie New

Les Thornton

Mandy Field

Margaret Van Eyk

Melissa Clarke

Melissa Scott

Michael Wolf

Milton Moss

Miranda Watt

Mollie Kirby

Natalie Waters

Ned Middleton

Penny Peckham

Phil Head

Rhyll Plant

Robyn DeBoar

Sam Jaksic

Sarah Boulton

Tobias Richardson

Tracey Naughton

Zoe Amor

Bridge Hotel

Bar Midland

Penny Ryan Photography

Castlemaine State Festival

Northern Arts Hotel

Shady Lady

Ivy & Grace

Theatre Royal

Maison Lapalus

Castlemaine Florist

The Undercut Club

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