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Castlemaine Fringe Values are:
Inclusion, Accessibility, Participation
Working towards an inclusive festival for all.

Castlemaine Fringe (Fringe) events are held on the lands of the Dja Dja Wurrung People, and we pay our respects to the traditional owners of the land, to the local elders and emerging leaders.  We celebrate the rich cultural heritage of this country and acknowledge that their sovereignty was never ceded.

Fringe provides an important local platform for individuals and community groups within Mount Alexander Shire to showcase their work.

Fringe aims to provide a warm and welcoming space for our whole community to participate in our events and be represented in our programming. This includes representation and participation from First Nations, those with a disability, LGBTQI, culturally diverse and young people.

Fringe works hard to meet accessibility needs for our performers, participants, and audiences, and seeks to use accessible venues, make our programming accessible to those with additional needs using interpreters, printed and digital programs, and in-person and on-line attendance wherever possible.

Affordability is often a barrier to participation in the arts.  Fringe strives to keep our costs low, programs both ticketed and free events, and where ticket prices exist offers concession prices, accepts companion cards and provides opportunities to volunteer in exchange for entry to ticketed events.

Fringe would not be possible without the incredible talent of our local artists, performers, musicians, sound & audio techs, and Fringe strives to pay arts workers involved in Fringe activities.

Arts workers include performers, musicians, workshop facilitators and techs who receive payments for their services.

Contractors include persons paid for a duration of time for delivery of a position or service.

Volunteers support many aspects of the organisation including the Fringe Thing Inc Board, working parties and event delivery.  Volunteer roles are unpaid.


Who we are

Who we are &
how we operate

The Fringe Thing Inc is an incorporated association, governed by Model Rules which comply with the Victorian Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. It is a member based organisation which encourages active participation and contribution. Members and volunteers are able to join working groups and sub-committees and pursue specific areas of interest or initiate projects which align with the organisation’s goals.

The Fringe Thing Inc Board

The Fringe is governed by a board of directors who are volunteers elected at a formal annual meeting. The board provides governance to the organisation, developing policies and procedures, overseeing finance and risk management to ensure the organisation’s activities are legally compliant, financially viable and physically safe.

The current Fringe Board is comprised of Jacqueline Brodie-Hanns (Chair), Danika Hilton (Secretary), Emmaline McCartney (Treasurer), Sally Guildford, David Farrington, Beau McCafferty, Richard McLeish, Jem Moloney, Calan Stanley, Karin Stewart.

The Fringe Festival Planning Committee

The Fringe Festival is planned and delivered by a committed group of volunteers who form the Planning Committee, led by the CFF Festival director.  The Planning Committee makes recommendations and plans for key events; works to coordinate and deliver the logistics of the Festival and undertakes marketing and promotions for the Festival.

The Planning Committee for the 2022 Festival was led by Festival Director Azzy Jay, supported by core Committee members Gray Smith, Melissa Clarke, Karen Stewart, Peter Bodin, Dave Relf, and Robin Archer.

Working Groups and Sub committees

Funding Sub-committee: tasked with raising money to support Fringe activities including the significant cost of conducting the Fringe Festival. Responsible for overseeing fundraising, writing grants, securing sponsorship.

Communications Sub-committee: developing and maintaining channels to promote, showcase and market the Fringe, its activities and events. Responsible for our online presence including the website and social media; developing print materials including posters and programs to support the Fringe Festival; working with local media to promote the Fringe.


A quick history

The Fringe Thing Inc was established in 1992 with the specific goals to:

  • Encourage alternative and local musical, performing and visual arts in the Central Victorian Region.

  • Provide community access to a diverse range of cultural and artistic experiences.

  • Promote opportunities for musicians, performers and artists to perform or exhibit.

  • Enhance the health, welfare and wellbeing of our community through engagement in cultural and artistic experiences.


As part of its commitment to the above, The Fringe Thing Inc conducts the biannual Castlemaine Fringe Festival, an independent festival which is run on the commitment of volunteers, loads of community support and goodwill and very limited financial budgets.

The Fringe Festival traditionally runs parallel to the Castlemaine State Festival and complements the State Festival programme by providing an affordable program of cultural and community events and an opportunity for local, established, and emerging creatives to be seen and celebrated.

In addition to the Festival itself, Fringe conducts and auspices ad hoc events, programs and fundraising activities throughout the year. It has a long-standing association with the CASPA Contemporary Art Space located above Stoneman’s Bookroom and actively partners with other local community arts organisations include Arts Open studios, MainFM community radio and Castlemaine’s Open Mic programme.

Fringe would like to acknowledge the many hours, blood, sweat and tears that have gone into numerous festivals and events throughout the history of the Fringe. It takes engaged community members to put on a community festival, and the support Fringe has received in terms of hours given, financial support, attendance at events and the hard work of volunteer committees over 30 years is extraordinary.  



Walking The Fish

Commissioned to celebrate its 30th anniversary, 'Walking The Fish' is a short documentary tracing the origins of Castlemaine Fringe. Retold by those who were actually involved, the film showcases some of the successes and scandal of the first festival in 1992. Watch on Vimeo.

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